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Sign The Medical Marijuana Petition

Medical cannabis can provide relief to Nebraskans who are suffering. We are among the thousands of families and patients who need access.

Whether it’s a neighbor or a loved one or a friend, most Nebraskans know someone who struggles with a serious health condition. But medical cannabis isn’t an option in our state — even if a doctor recommends it.

An energized movement for more compassionate cannabis laws has been building up across the state for years. With your help, we will win in 2022 through a set of voter initiatives. We hope this website serves as a resource for you to get information, get involved, and get in touch! Thank you for your support. Let’s go fight for the greater good.


— Crista and the NMM team

Nebraskan's For Medical Marijuana Story

We believe patients with serious health conditions should be able to use medical cannabis with the recommendation of a doctor. An overwhelming majority of Nebraskans agree.

With a committed army of grassroots volunteers and supporters, we are working to qualify two complementary initiatives for the ballot, so that on November 8, 2022, Nebraska voters can decriminalize a medicine that helps suffering patients.


— the NMM team


We’re building a grassroots movement for compassion.

Over the past decade, a coalition of courageous families, patient advocates, and state legislators have built a grassroots movement for compassionate cannabis policy reform here in Nebraska. NMM is a registered ballot campaign committee led by advocates who have worked tirelessly to bring attention to the issue and mobilize support for a medical cannabis across the state.

Our movement has faced setbacks before, but our campaign for compassion is stronger than ever before. We have a plan and a vision to bring relief to patients through a pair of complementary ballot initiatives in 2022. Together our initiatives will allow qualified patients in Nebraska to access and use medical cannabis to alleviate serious health conditions.

Come down to our shop & sign the petition.
Time is of the essence!

224 N. Main St #3 Fremont, NE 68025

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