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15% off Flower Friday in Fremont, Nebraska

You Can't Spell Healthcare Without THC

Joke Of The Day

Q: What did one Delta 8 Pre Roll say to the other?

A: Hello. It's nice to meet you. How is your day going?

We hope everyone is having a good week!

We have some awesome flower down here at the shop, located at

224 N Main St #3 Fremont, NE 68025

All of our flower is grown with love from NECO Farms in Ogallala, NE & Arete Hemp in Asheville, NC .

We have 16 strains available with:

- CBD (helps with anxiety, mood, pain & inflammation)

- CBD & Delta 8 (helps with anxiety, mood, pain & inflammation + provides a buzz like indica)

- CBD & THC-O (helps with anxiety, mood, pain & inflammation + provides a buzz and has more psychedelic effects reported by some users)

Many people can tell what strain they'll like by smelling the strains. Each strain has a unique terpene profile with different smells & tastes.

An 1/8th of flower is usually $20 out the door, but today you can pick up an 1/8th or more starting at only $17

Make sure to come down to the shop and sign the Medical Marijuana Petition!!

Are you going to the carnival at the Fremont Mall?

We hope you have a fun weekend & hope to see you soon!!

C&S CBD Relief

224 N. Main St #3 Fremont, NE 68025


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